Frequently Used Responses
9815 / Black Screen / Network Error
Thank you for contacting XUMO customer support! Unfortunately, this is a symptom of something malfunctioning with LG Channels. To resolve, please follow these steps: reset your Internet connection. Wait 60 seconds to turn it back on and check to make sure your smart TV’s network connection has reconnected. Then, go to your TV’s general settings. Under Channels, toggle LG Channels off and on, again. Physically unplug and plug your TV back in to give your TV and LG Channels a complete power cycle. If you are still experiencing the issue, please go to your TV’s general settings and navigate to location. Please try changing your location to a country other than your own and changing it back. Make sure you re-accept any applicable terms and conditions. Try launching LG Channels, again.

If you are unable to fix the issue following the instructions above, please e-mail us your alphanumeric Client ID located in the LG Channels settings with a description of the error and what troubleshooting steps you have completed.

More Channels
Thank you for contacting XUMO customer support! Our partner team is currently working on making more channels available including local news and other popular channels available in LG Channels. New channels are added on a monthly basis.
Guide App / Cable Channels
If you would like to reset your “guide” app — the green guide icon on your app launcher bar — please visit the TV settings, channels, channel manager and tune your channels. This will reset your guide and your previous channels should appear. Please let me know if this resolves your issue!